Capetonians aren’t racist. They’re just douche bags.

CLB note: I wouldn’t call it ‘douche-ness’ to have more than one basis on which you choose who to associate with; it’s just human nature. Nevertheless Garth will do a good job at generating hits and debate around pointing out the childishness of calling Capetonians racist while they may in fact be discriminating between different attributes of people within the white racial group more than they do between black and white.  

Capetonians aren’t racist. They’re just douche bags.

By Garth Theunissen (@garthpunk)

I am so tired of the cliché that white Capetonians are racist. I’m sure you’ve come across this platitude before. It’s an old chestnut regularly trotted out by columnists and politicians that have run out of topics on which to spout forth.

“Cape Town is racist because a friend of mine once had to wait for a table in a restaurant while white people were ushered straight in.”  Ever consider that perhaps the people who were seated immediately may have had a reservation?

Then there’s the line that “Cape Town is racist because a German tourist I had a drink with said so,” as championed in a recent column by Khaya Dlanga titled “Cape Town’s Secret White Club“.

How can one argue with such in-depth research, which involved canvassing the opinion of a single foreign visitor?

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