Every Second Public School Has No Math Teacher

Bongani Nkosi writes in the Mail & Guardian online regarding findings that the average grade nine mathematics mark at SA public schools in SA was 13%:

Many rural schools in the Eastern Cape lack maths teachers, for example, he said. “Every second school does not have a maths teacher.

“Something has to be done to assist learners without maths teachers.”

To attend virtual classes by one of the best mathematics teachers in the world – Salman Khan – all these students need is an internet connection and a device that can stream youtube clips. Other than those costs, it’s free.

The Khan Academy could help these poor kids Рwho have to rely on a failing state education structure for their literacy and numeracy skills Рto take responsibility for their own education and future and give government teachers the boot.

Check out the Khan Academy’s Artihmetic and Pre-Algebra course here.