Nanny Zille Will Steal Your Car Keys For Four Hours if You Look Sleepy Behind the Wheel

Whoa, Nanny Zille and her busy bodies in the Western Cape government are taking their nannying to the next level.

The Western Cape Transport MEC Robert Carlisle announced that Cape police will confiscate the car keys of ‘fatigued’ drivers for four hours, before letting them continue their journey again.

Regarding the lawfulness of the confiscations, Carlisle said:

 “I have no idea, but I don’t care either… We’ve got no option but to pull out all the stops, whether illegal or legal… I just don’t know what else to do than to become very rough.”

This will become a tool for power hungry cops, who can’t find real productive work paid for by consumers, to prey on the people of the Western Cape. What a great way for cops to have some fun with the little people who rank below them on the state hierarchy!

How will these cops know whether a driver is fatigued? If their eyes are half closed? If their eyes are red? If they are actually fast asleep? Or if they have veered off the road?

This brings more subjectivity into the actions of state policing that will make drivers more afraid of state police, because cops can pull you over not for breaking laws of the road, but for being ‘fatigued’! I bet all drivers are fatigued behind the wheel, to different degrees. Where do you draw the line?

All state police should be doing is preventing actual criminal activity, i.e. protecting the life, liberty and property of people. Being ‘fatigued’ is not a crime.

This is pathetic, but it is the nanny state exemplified.