Private Police Will One Day Be Employed To Protect Us From Thugs In Government

Government police are today outnumbered 3 to 1 by private police in SA, owing to the inability of the government to match the demand for security services, and the poor quality of the government service being provided (at very high costs). This is always and everywhere a feature of socialism and government, by the way, and not only restricted to SA.

In recent months it should have come to everyone’s attention that the government police are totally out of control in SA (and the world).

Without getting into too much detail (something for another day), I will for now just make the prediction (again) that one day, hopefully soon, private police will be employed not only to keep us safe from the criminal who want to hijack our car or burgle our house, but to keep the thugs in the police force and government out of our neighbourhoods, so we can keep our incomes to ourselves, and so that we can get on with our lives in peace.