Parkhurst Businessman Thrown In Jail For Questioning Parking Ticket

The Parkhurst business man who, in this video is shown resisting being called a “criminal” for exceeding his parking time limit and after being confronted by not one or two, but nine metro cops in the otherwise peaceful suburb of Parkhurst, was thrown in jail for a night and day and not given the option of bail when he appeared in court.

While Parkhurst residents are, in addition to the taxes they’re paying to a government police force to keep them safe, spending an additional R600 per month to employ the services of Parksec and Cortac to patrol their neighbourhood and protect against crime (not to mention insurance premiums) this is hugely antagonistic and will fuel a hatred for the police force, and is also likely to stoke racial tensions.

I am still of the view that one day, hopefully soon, private security companies will extend their services to protect the people against these thugs in government uniform.