Weak vs Strong Rand Discussion on Summit TV

Following something of a twitter spat on Friday, Coenraad Bezuidenhout and I were invited to debate our opposing views of the rand on Summit TV. Coenraad Bezuidenhout is Executive Director of the Manufacturing Circle, which has been advocating for a weak rand (or “competitive” – essentially a weaker rand) in the past as one way […]

Weak Rand Harms Companies That Serve SA Consumers

A weak rand policy benefits companies operating in South Africa that serve foreign customers, but harms companies either overseas or in South Africa who aim to serve local South African customers. This is how profits and losses are initially being redistributed in the current phase of rand weakness (which I warned about on many occasions, […]

Clothing Manufacturers To Be Hit Hard By Weak Rand

Something I didn’t get to mention in last night’s interview in response to Coenraad Bezuidenhout’s claim that a rand/dollar exchange rate of around 9/9.50 has been deemed beneficial by manufacturers to the industry, is what manufactures exactly are we talking about? Cape Chamber of Commerce director Viola Manuel said on Friday in response to the […]

How Long To Crack Your Online Passwords?

I’ve just read two interesting articles about the internet and online passwords worth taking note of. The NSA (US government), with a tool called “XKeyscore” collects “nearly everything a user does on the internet.” They can see the websites you’ve visited, can monitor your messages and activity on social media, and see all your past […]

How a Strengthening Yuan is Helping the Chinese Economy Restructure

As I have argued before, the South African manufacturing sector needs a strengthening rand in order to encourage real savings and investment into the sector, to reverse the consumer boom that is causing manufacturing to contract. Furthermore, a strengthening rand would force existing manufacturers to improve the quality of products they produce so foreigners would […]