Re: The Water Crisis

Eyewitness News has done a good expose of how deep the SA water infrastructure crisis runs. EWN reports that: According to the latest census, nine out of 10 people have such access. But the reality on the ground, from Nkandla to Stellenbosch, paints a very different picture. The last seven years have seen a dramatic drop in […]

A Prediction From the Archives: The Water Crisis Cometh

I wrote this article under pseudonym for a website called It was first published on April 20th, 2010. The Water crisis cometh By JGalt, on April 20th, 2010 Water Affairs Minister Buyelwa Sonjica this week said “I want to allay the fears of South Africans that there is not in the near future a possibility of […]

Water Crisis Bubbling Under the Surface

A water crisis is bubbling just under the surface in South Africa. The government has not maintained –  never mind expanded – the capacity of other State Owned Enterprises such as Transnet, Portnet, Eskom, or the road network to deal with growing demand, and here’s more evidence the water catchment, purification, or distribution utilities have […]

Here Comes the Water Price Crisis

News today is that the Department of Water Affairs has said it must borrow an additional R380 billion to reach the R700 billion it needs to meet the country’s demand for water over the next decade. I won’t go into much detail of the problems facing this sector, as I’ve done so on many occasions […]

Rapid Fire: Fixing SA’s Road Death Crisis

There is an outcry over the sad passing of SA cyclist Burry Stander this week in a road accident in KZN. SA public roads are some of the most dangerous places to be for a pedestrian. Some half of people killed on SA roads are pedestrians and cyclists. Does the incidence of cyclists killed on […]

Have Another Glass of Crisis

Independent water expert Anthony Turton told the Business Day: “I predict the price of water has to increase dramatically, to double or even treble. If we don’t do that we won’t catch up with our growing (infrastructure maintenance) backlog…. We had a sophisticated economy based on sophisticated infrastructure, but we have not invested in that infrastructure […]

Water Prices Are Too Low

Here’s another indication that publicly supplied water prices where they are presently set are too low, and that they will rise sharply in the future. THE government hoped to attract R25bn from foreign investors for maintenance of its ageing water infrastructure, which it could possibly co-fund, Water Affairs Minister Edna Molewa said in Marseilles yesterday, reports Business […]

SA’s road repair bill estimated at R149 billion

This is according to Engineering News, following ‘acting transport director-general’ Mawethu Vilana’s comments in parliament’s transport portfolio committee yesterday. Watch this number inflate sharply in coming years as the cost of building materials, labour and government waste also gets added in (for more on this last point listen to this interview I did earlier this year […]

Private Sector Solving Major Challenges In Africa

The private sector is providing drinking water solutions to the Ghanaian public. At least half of the Ghanaian population do not have access to government potable water. Their government has failed them after decades of socialist and inflationist economic policies. Entrepreneurs are correcting the damage caused by socialism. In another story, to get medicine kits into […]