Renegade Report podcast 2019

I got back in studio to share of my latest thoughts on the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. You can listen to the latest podcast, here. For those interested in my progression of thoughts, you can listen to the 2017 RR podcast here. In the 2017 podcast we delved into the history of money and the economics of central banking. In the latest one we focus almost purely on the monetary system being developed under our noses and out of mainstream sight that I believe will replace traditional money and banking similar to how the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) aka e-mail replaced letters.

Podcast: Understanding the world of Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies

I did this three series podcast with Investec colleagues back in late 2017. It’s still relevant, but the ecosystem has progressed in leaps and bounds, and there’s far more interesting applications to speak about today.

Posting them here for posterity though.

Renegade Report Interview – June 2017

I went into studio to chat to Jon and Roman about economics. Really enjoyed the discussion covering a range of topics.

“Economist Chris Becker joins the Renegade Report team this week. Chris expands on the differences between the divergent economic schools of thought, why Keynesian economics is most useful to State technocrats, and how Government’s incompetence has been good for the private sector. Roman explains why the poorest people in the world use private school and Jonathan reveals how private healthcare is flourishing in South Africa. The conversation closes with a frank discussion on cypto-currencies and how they may disrupt the status quo of State-controlled currency markets in the not too distant future.”