Solidarity: The Taxpayer Should Get Rebates For Spending On Private Security

Piet le Roux explained on KykNet Dagbreek yesterday morning exactly what Solidarity proposes in the Give it Back campaign. If you understand and can follow Afrikaans, find the time to watch the 8 minute interview.

Simply: If the state cannot fulfill one of the key responsibilities statists have arrogated to it – being to provide law and order – and taxpayers are having to pay twice to keep themselves safe, once for government police through taxes and twice for private security services, the taxpayer should get a tax rebate. If taxpayers are not having to rely on the state to keep them and their families safe, the taxpayer should not be paying taxes for the government service.

The same principle is currently applied to private healthcare. You can claim as a rebate any monies spent on private healthcare as you do not need to rely on the public healthcare service. If you can get a rebate for keeping yourself healthy, should you not get a rebate for keeping you and your family alive?

Great campaign, Solidarity. Well worth supporting.