On Heyneke Meyer’s Racist Springbok Team

Journalist Lunga Biyela writes in ‘I refuse to support Heyneke Meyer’s boks on News24 that:

I refuse to support a team that is not picked on merit, by a man’s skewed belief that rugby players of a darker hue have no place in rugby.

Then he goes on to write that

This team does not represent me, it does not represent the nation, and it is blatant that Heyneke Meyer wants to undo the work that was done by his predecessors in selecting players from all walks of the rainbow.

So which one is it, Lunga? Should the team be picked on “merit” or should it be picked to represent “you and the nation”?

At least now you know how white people feel when they and their white friends aren’t selected for jobs because of racist employment equity laws meant to represent the nation rather than merit.