High Court Judge Moroa Tsoka Rules Against Crony Capitalists at PG Group

Another victory for the consumer against a crony capitalist in bed with the government, who is trying to eliminate his competition not by actually beating them in the task of serving consumers best, but by beating them with lobbying and legislation through the state legal system.

Judge Tsoka said in his judgment “PG Group was afraid of competition,” and that “Its motive is glaringly obvious. Realising that Grandmark is making its mark in the insured market, it embarked on its unlawful activities.”

“Its conduct is anticompetitive and unconstitutional,” Tsoka said.

Hooray for High Court Judge Moroa Tsoka for smacking Stewart Jennings and the PG Group down for spreading “untruths” about their competitor Grandmark International.

In May, after lobbying government to weaken the Rand, and after the Rand had finally weakened sharply, Jennings said “We are ecstatic with the rand’s performance. If it stays there, South Africa will start creating more jobs.”

Instead of job creation we actually got slowing GDP growth, job losses, rising price inflation, and an erosion of the amount of food and fuel a worker’s wages could buy, which culminated in country wide strike action and the Marikana massacre.