How Government Officials Deal With Boarding Gates

This is astonishing, but the kind of behaviour that can be expected of a government official. Had this guy been a private citizen – one of the ‘little people’ who work to provide for the overlords in government – those cops would have taken him straight down.

Regarding the incident, 2oceansvibe writes that:

After Yan Linkun (a mining company executive and CPPCC member) and his family arrived late for their flight back to Guangzhou from Kunming Changshui airport, it wasn’t the end of the world – the first time it happened. Yan endured the two hour delay by taking his wife and kids for a drawn out breakfast in order to kill time and make it onto their next flight home. But Yan overshot the mark, and upon arriving at the boarding gate for their second attempt to board a flight home, Yan realised his mistake, and humbly apologised to his tired and long-suffering family.

Actually, that’s a lie. He threw a bitch-fit of seismic proportions.

Yan went into hysterics, arguing with airport staff and then eventually smashing anything in sight, which happened to include a computer system at the boarding gate. A large crowd watched while Yan tore up the area, but no one attempted to restrain him.