Do Public Schools Prepare You For Life In A Sweatshop?

Could it be that the public educational system, by jamming students into a confined room, and seating them all facing in one direction in a grid-like seat formation for some eight hours a day like this:

Is meant to create a person that is accustomed to working in conditions such as this:

Not very different, is it?

People generally hate the concept of sweatshops and have a lot to say about major global companies having their products manufactured in sweatshops in the “developing world”, but have nothing to say about kids jammed into a classroom against their will for up to eight hours a day, which obliterates the chance of ever creating a youth of independent and creative thinkers entering the work force.

Food for thought.

PS. I could write a lot more about this, but like that guy in the image above looking at the camera, I also have a desk with a workload that resembles a traditional sweatshop, so maybe next time. What you can do instead though is to read James Altucher’s articles “Unschool Yourself,” and “8 Alternatives to College.” He’s given this a lot of thought and his views are, as always, very interesting and insightful.