Time Machine Re: The Social Unrest in Turkey

Research I put out under the ETM Analytics banner in November 2012 was covered by Ciaran Ryan in this article, and had the following conclusion:

Based on monetary inflation trends over the last two years, those countries most at risk of social upheaval in the coming months are Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina and India.

Some serious unrest has come to Turkey, triggered by a police clampdown on a public display of affection (which is illegal now in Turkey) and/or an environmental protest that went bad. The unrest has gone nationwide and although there are real underlying political forces fueling the unrest fire, a potentially equally important economic factor fueling the unrest is the price inflation the Turkish central bank has created in recent years that is harming the majority of the population deeply by reducing their real wages, driving them into a place of desperation and helplessness, that is finding expression in social unrest.

A demonstrator goes to throw a bottle as fireworks go off behind him and illuminate he street where other protestors have gathered.

One man crouches in front of hastily set up barricade and hundreds of masked protestors look on



Even more pics here.