I’m Joining African Alliance Securities As Lead Macroeconomic Strategist

Today I join African Alliance Securities as lead macroeconomic and equity strategist. African Alliance is an investment banking group operating in Africa, providing local and on-the-ground investment banking services across the African continent. African Alliance doesn’t have a commercial banking license in any country as far as I’m aware, but they have a massive presence on the ground in Africa with 11 offices scattered across the continent.

My time at ETM Analytics has been incredible, but as they say, all good things come to an end. It’s been amazing to work so closely with some of the brightest minds in SA economics, with the likes of Russell Lamberti and George Glynos never far away for an economic debate or discussion. I’ll miss having them and the rest of the team around, but I look forward to joining another excellent research team consisting purely of equity research analysts (rather than economists) – which means my research focus and final outputs will take on a slight tilt toward the listed equity market now – a new and refreshing change. African Alliance Research has just been voted Best Research House in Africa in the Euromoney Research Survey for the third consecutive year.

Bloomberg News ran the following story about my move: ETM Analytics Market Strategist Becker Joins African Alliance