Renegade Report podcast 2019

I got back in studio to share of my latest thoughts on the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. You can listen to the latest podcast, here. For those interested in my progression of thoughts, you can listen to the 2017 RR podcast here. In the 2017 podcast we delved into the history of money and the economics of central banking. In the latest one we focus almost purely on the monetary system being developed under our noses and out of mainstream sight that I believe will replace traditional money and banking similar to how the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) aka e-mail replaced letters.

I haven’t written much on Bitcoin on this blog, but…

…that’s because my blog was inactive during the time I turned more bullish on the rate of adoption and long-term potential of this new currency. A few tweets from my timeline.

Following the 200% rally since the start of the year I’ve done a lot of research on this financial and monetary technology and I’m even more optimistic than I was in late 2015 and 2016 of its long-term prospects. I’m not giving investment advice that you should go out and put your life savings into it today, but open an account at Luno, deposit a tiny amount (as little as R10 is possible), get a family member or friend to download a bitcoin wallet like breadwallet, and see how easy it is to send value (i.e. money) directly to each other over the internet. You’ll see what I’m excited about. Read this book as an intro. Get acquainted with the internet of money, it is truly revolutionary.