South African Cronies Do Things Very Badly

The new ANN7 crony-political news channel was launched recently by the Gupta-Zuma regime. They recruited a news reader who struggles to read.

If South Africa’s political cronies want to feed the public propaganda, they are going to have to get a lot better at this. Otherwise they will just risk exposing how useless and incompetent they all really are, and get not only libertarian-minded people to laugh at them, but even the statists.

In the clip below, the news reader calls Michael Clarke, “Michelle” Clark and essentially fumbles through the entire news segment. Funny.

h/t Rob Price

UPDATE: Oh wow, here’s another shocker from ANN7’s first show of “Game On”.

Quoting from this clip: “And South Africa’s youngest and newest news channel launches, aid, uh, ANZ, uh, ANN7 at a gala event in Johannesburg. Promises to deliver best quality news and information and set new benchmarks in journalistic credibility and finesse.” Yeah, benchmarks for the worst of the worst in high-school journalism.

This news readers is slow off the marks, and then reads the same news segment twice, before inaudible journalist comes in and turns into an economist mid-way through the clip.